About Me

In 2019, Alexandra Keleti completed a summer-long IT Sourcing and Asset Management internship at Sprint Corporation headquarters, then based in Overland Park, Kansas. Completed during the company’s preparations for merger with then-industry-competitor T-Mobile, Keleti’s internship involved performing a variety of tasks, including the modification and submission of contracts (trial agreements, statements of work, etc.) to other companies, the completion of software renewals, and attending numerous meetings.

Keleti described her internship as both “pivotal” and an “amazing educational experience,” as it provided firsthand knowledge of exposure to various career paths within the financial field. Additionally, Keleti credits the experience as an important influence on her decision to pursue her Master of Accounting degree after graduation.

At the end of her internship, Keleti was offered and accepted a full-time role within Sprint’s Finance department. In this position, she was responsible for managing communications with various Sprint cell tower landlords across the country.

Background & Personal Life

Prior to her student career, Alexandra Keleti spent her childhood in the suburbs of Kansas City. As a child, Keleti developed an early interest and passion for classical music. It was during this time that Keleti also developed a deep appreciation for personal hobbies, particularly their positive impact on one’s personal well-being. Initially, a musical instrument enthusiast, Keleti’s primary hobby involves needlework-related crafts.

As a child, Keleti continually nurtured what would eventually become a lifelong practice, giving back to those in need. Her charitable nature took root as a volunteer within the local Johnson County Public Library system, where she sorted books and performed various other library tasks throughout her childhood.


Following receipt of her Master’s degree, Alexandra Keleti put her education and experience to work in the field of auditing. She works in Washington, D.C.


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