Alexandra Keleti in Washington, D.C.

Alexandra Keleti

October 14, 2021


Over the past year, I have become very acquainted with the United States capital, Washington, D.C.  With the plan to move there once I graduate from the University of Kansas Master of Accounting Program, I have made several visits to this historic area on the East coast.

I toured the National Mall in downtown D.C., where I visited the Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol grounds, and Washington Monument. I visited the remarkable area, originally designed by Pierre L’Enfant, at night when the monuments were lit up and glowing against the dark sky.

Alexandra Keleti at the World War II Memorial in the National Mall

I rented a kayak from the Thompson Boat Center near the Kennedy Center and went boating on the calm waters of the Potomac River. Along the way, I passed canoers and stand-up paddleboarders while taking in the view of beautiful Georgetown and Foggy Bottom.

Kayaking on the Potomac River

I also visited areas surrounding Washington, D.C. I viewed the Capitol Wheel at the National Harbor lit by neon lights in Maryland. In Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, I stayed at the Glowing Logs Cabin in the middle of the woods, next to a field of cows, within the friendly Amish community.

At the National Harbor with the Capitol Wheel in the background.
A cow looks curiously at me in a field near a cabin in the Amish community of Shippensburg, PA.

In West Virginia, I visited Harper’s Ferry and the courthouse in Charles Town where John Brown was tried. I learned about the influence events that took place in Harper’s Ferry had on the Lewis and Clark expedition and Civil War. I ascended a mountain in Canaan Valley by taking a gondola up to a spot where paragliders took off only to be suspended in the air against a backdrop of the glorious West Virginia mountains. I ran my first 5k in West Virginia and won first place in my age division. Another first was visiting an apiary, where I surrounded myself with the calm buzzing of a swarm of bees.

In the West Virginia mountains, I visited an apiary.
In Canaan Valley in West Virginia, I watched as paragliders launched themselves into the air.
I ran my first 5K in West Virginia.

In Mount Vernon, Virginia, Alexandra Keleti visited the mansion once owned by the country’s first president, George Washington. He had brightly painted rooms, paintings that illustrated his dreams for the country’s future, and a study with bookcases containing a plethora of books.

Alexandra Keleti has had an incredible time in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.

At George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon.