Surrounded by Trees in Centralia, Washington

Alexandra Keleti

August 12, 2022

Zach and I recently flew to Seattle to attend a close friend’s wedding. From Seattle, we took a train to our colorful Airbnb in Centralia, Washington. Zach was a groomsman in the wedding and he walked the groom’s mother down the aisle. The experience was sweet and special.

While in Centralia, Zach and I went hiking in Seminary Hill Natural Area. There were giant slugs on part of the trail, and we laughed calling each of them “Shrek” because of their large size and green color. But the most memorable part of our hikes was the beautiful tall trees. The sunlight would glow through the foliage, and in certain areas where there was a clearing we had a beautiful view of the Cascades.

Sunlight poking through the trees.
Zach looks up, admiring the tall trees of Washington state.
Zach gazes out at the Cascades from Seminary Hill hiking trail.