Visiting the National Arboretum and Kennedy Center

Alexandra Keleti

March 23, 2022

During the time in March and April when Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom, what’s better than looking at the trees at the National Arboretum? Located in Washington, D.C., the National Arboretum is always busy with avid joggers, nature-loving children, and happy couples. In addition to the koi fish ponds, statues, flowers, and trees, there is a spot in the Arboretum with rows of Corinthian columns, looking grand as they stand majestically on a hill. They are placed in the middle of a meadow called Ellipse Meadow. They were originally part of the Capitol building.

Located on Virginia Avenue, the Kennedy Center is situated across the street from the infamous Watergate hotel. The Kennedy Center is so large, it’s hard to explore all that is there. The concertgoers all wear elegant dresses or sophisticated suits. The featured guests were Thomas Wilkins and Jan Lisiecki, performing alongside the National Symphony Orchestra.